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Darb Al-Watan, a subsidiary of Hafil — part of the Mohamed Yousuf Naghi and Brothers Group — will soon commence its public transportation operations, following the signing of a contract for intercity public transportation services with the Transport General Authority earlier this year. The launch of Darb Al-Watan’s operations on Oct. 15 will mark a significant leap toward redefining urban mobility for the estimated 1.8 million passengers across 75 cities in the Kingdom who are expected to benefit from the services. The company will provide citizens with efficient, economical and safe travel options.

The collaboration between Darb Al-Watan and TGA reaffirms both entities’ commitment to enhancing the public transportation infrastructure, echoing Saudi Vision 2030’s goal of achieving a connected nation. This partnership signifies a collective effort to drive innovation, reliability, and accessibility in the realm of public transportation.

The launch of Darb Al-Watan’s operations will see the start of an exciting new era in public transportation. Its comprehensive network will feature 65 strategically placed bus stops and seven main stations in cities of the Eastern Province, such as Dammam, Jubail, Hafr Al-Batin and Buraida, which will be intelligently positioned to optimize passenger flow and convenience. Twenty-six lines will connect various cities, including some of the most used routes such as Makkah-Madinah and Jeddah-Dammam, ensuring coverage and connectivity for Saudi residents and citizens.

Backed by a fleet of 134 modern buses equipped with advanced GPS tracking systems and surveillance cameras, passenger safety and efficient service delivery will be paramount.

Moreover, there will be four depots and maintenance centers located in Dammam, Buraida, Riyadh and Makkah, allowing for efficient repairs and dispatch of buses.

Darb Al-Watan not only aspires to transform public transportation, but also aims to be a catalyst for economic growth. The company is proud to be creating more than 400 employment opportunities for Saudi nationals, in line with Vision 2030’s objectives of enhancing employment prospects and contributing to the local economy.

Chairman Sheikh Mohammed Yousuf Naghi said: “Our collaboration with TGA underscores our unwavering commitment to Vision 2030 and to revolutionize public transportation, ensuring citizens enjoy a safe, convenient and sustainable travel experience.”

Hans Nilsson, CEO of Darb Al-Watan, added: “The launch of our operations will be a milestone moment, redefining how people move within cities. Our great people, ultra-modern fleet, our upgraded infrastructure, and quality technology will step-by-step set new benchmarks in urban mobility and allow us to shape ourselves up to facilitate the transportation of the 8.9 million people who are expected to avail the public transportation facility in the next few years.”

The company has launched its website (, which can be used to learn more about the services, routes, schedules offered as well as to book tickets.

The launch of Darb Al-Watan’s operations is a testament to the dedication and innovation showcased by both partners as well as the government’s commitment to providing its citizens with the latest amenities and facilities in terms of mobility.

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